The 10 Best Google AdSense alternatives:

The 10 Best Google AdSense alternatives:

One of the most well-known methods for monetizing ads is AdSense. Certain publishers would be better suited sticking with AdSense or combining it with header bidding, even if many publishers can increase their earnings by moving to a header bidding service.

Having said that, if you’re looking for Best Pop Under Ad Networks for Publishers, or Even our take on the list of Best Ad Networks for Small Publishers that fit best according to your needs, we’ve got you covered on them as well!

  1. Setupad

This alternative falls easily into the list of Best Google AdSense alternatives simply due to its features and reliability. Setupad provides a comprehensive ad stack, its own ad server, eleven server-to-server connectors, and thirty-one premium demand partners. It is a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) and Prebid member.

Their outstanding client service, which includes a personal Account Executive for each publication, is what sets them apart.

Compared to Google AdSense, publishers can anticipate a guaranteed rise in ad revenue of at least 30%, and many clients report significantly higher increases. For more accurate projections, use the free ad income calculator offered by Setupad.

  1. Microsoft PubCenter

Microsoft created pubCenter, an advertising platform, to help content producers and website publishers monetize their work and place ads.

By using pubCenter, publishers can show Microsoft’s advertisements on their websites and get paid for ad impressions and clicks. The platform offers support for a number of ad forms, such as rich media ads, text ads, and display ads.

PubCenter is a relatively new service, but because of its low entry barrier, it is rumored to become an AdSense substitute for tiny and low traffic websites.

Additionally, PubCenter offers audience targeting, which lets publishers show advertisements to particular interest groups, demographics, and geographical areas. It gives you control over the quantity and placement of advertisements on your website. You choose an ad format, put a code to your website, and get paid each time an ad is delivered, much like with AdSense. Furthermore, there are no initial sign-up fees, minimum revenue requirements, or volume limits.

Although it’s now only accessible in the United States, there’s a good chance it may eventually spread to other nations.

  1. net

For sheer feature and dependability, this substitute easily makes the list of the Best Google AdSense alternatives. One of the pioneers of contextual advertising and a formidable rival of AdSense is Compared to AdSense, it delivers a higher revenue per thousand impression rate (RPM).

Only has access to Yahoo! and Bing searches. Through the platform, publishers may increase their ad revenue and take advantage of a thriving search industry by connecting with a wide range of clients. provides creative freedom to allow advertisements to mix in perfectly with the publisher’s website.

Websites in English with Tier-1 nation traffic are favored. We do not accept content with adult themes, unlawful activity, violence, fraud, or websites with copyright violations. One of the greatest AdSense substitutes for websites with less traffic is since it offers one of the biggest advertiser networks available.

  1. Monumetric

A client-side header bidding wrapper, a direct private marketplace, dynamic mobile advertisements, in-image and in-line ads, and pre-bid video ads are just a few of the website monetization options that Monumetric provides.

Once known as The Blogger Network, Monumetric today serves over 2000 publishers and runs on a pay-per-click (PPV) model in which publishers get compensated for merely putting advertising on their websites without waiting for clicks.

Additionally, it provides a dashboard that breaks down all of the income and traffic data.

For medium-sized publishers looking for more effective monetization options than AdSense, Monumetric is the best option.

Monumetricprovides four options:

  1. Raptive

Ads from companies can be shown on your blog by collaborating directly with publishers and advertisers through Raptive, a CPI network. Their group works together to maximize ad placement’s efficacy and develop a revenue plan.

According to Raptive’s payment promise, payments will always be made in whole and on promptly, even if advertisers take longer than expected. But to be eligible, a minimum of 100,000 pageviews each month are required, primarily from US users.

  1. MonetizeMore

A Google Certified Publishing Partner, MonetizeMore is a dynamic platform for content monetization that connects marketers and publishers for effective revenue generation. They offer header bidding, programmatic advertising, optimization, and ad inventory management.

With more than ten years of experience since its founding in 2010, MonetizeMore has established itself as a top option to Google AdSense for income maximization. By providing real-time reporting and analytics, they enable publishers and provide valuable insights into ad performance and revenue generation.

With MonetizeMore, you can take advantage of sophisticated ad formats like native and video ads as well as flexible ad targeting choices like audience, contextual, and geographic targeting.

  1. Mediavine

A full-service platform for managing ads, Mediavine works with publishers to produce highly personalized advertisements, with a focus on lifestyle categories like finance, food, and fashion.

Assume bloggers are sponsored by Google AdSense. If so, it’s important to note that Mediavine is a fantastic substitute because it was established by a group of bloggers who are aware of the primary publishing requirements. Mediavineprovides a range of ad forms, such as native, video, and display ads. It’s simple to integrate Mediavine; all you have to do is add a JavaScript tag to your website.

Notably, Mediavine only collaborates with publishers who provide top-notch material, placing a heavy emphasis on website quality to safeguard advertisers’ brands.

  1. Adsterra

Adsterra is a formidable rival to AdSense.

This well-known ad network has over 18K direct publishers, 12K brands, affiliates, media agencies, and ad networks, and it serves over 30 billion monthly ad impressions.

Adsterra provides quick moderation, cutting-edge targeting technologies, a beginner- and vertical-friendly policy, and exclusive optimization tools (such bespoke bids and CPA goals). Adsterra offers simple API integration and supports all ad formats.

It takes them less than a minute to set up.

  1. AdReact

Adreact is a marketing solution provider that focuses on in-app, display, and video advertising among other forms of monetization. They specialize in resolving the technological difficulties faced by publishers, having over six years of global experience as a committed team of experts.

Video players, hosting, ad layout optimization tools, social media management tools, and content management systems are just a few of the useful goods and services that Adreact provides.

  1. Ezoic

For sheer feature and dependability, this substitute easily makes the list of the Best Google AdSense substitutes. Ad networks, exchanges, and partners are in the hundreds, and Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) that offers publishers access to a wide range of advanced ad technologies.

It’s a good substitute for AdSense because it can accommodate various sizes of publishers.

Ezoic’s monetization tools facilitate publishers’ access to and management of ad operations. Ezoic works with any CMS, server, or website configuration; publishers do not need to have any coding or technical knowledge.

Publishers who have fewer than 10,000 pageviews are eligible to sign up for the Access Now plan, while those who have more than 10,000 pageviews can choose Levels.

Every level offers more features but demands more of you.

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