Make Your Website ADA and WCAG Compliant with AccessiBe

Make Your Website ADA and WCAG Compliant with AccessiBe

Web accessibility is the fundamental right of every person these days. The Internet is targeted at everyone, so it is mandatory for you as a business owner to ensure your site is easy to navigate for every user, including those with a physical disability. No wonder governments of the world have stepped up to incorporate legal mandates in the above field so that businesses follow the laws and comply in accordance with them. In the absence of non-compliance, they face unnecessary litigation and the costs of hefty fines.

AccessiBe is a leading name in the web accessibility industry. It offers businesses a fast and cost-effective solution when it comes to improving the functionality of their websites for users of physical disabilities and arresting accessibility issues. The biggest advantage of this tool is that you can use it for your site and install it in any web browser. You do not need to worry about its maintenance and upkeep, as the developer team of the tool takes care of that with regular updates to fix errors and make the tool better for your site.

Check whether your site is ADA or WCAG compliant or not?

If you are not sure whether your site is WCAG or ADA compliant or not, you just need to enter your site domain’s URL into its compliance testing option. When you enter your site address, you will get the results in some seconds. You will discover how well the site is doing and the areas where you need to make it compliant.

Equipped with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning

This complete solution for web accessibility is equipped with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. This means the tool is much better than other generic tools available in the market. Users are able to enjoy a lot of benefits, especially when it comes to the use of screen readers and keyboard functions for the visually impaired and people with auditory disabilities and other cognitive disorders.

Get results in under 48 hours

As mentioned above, this unique tool functions seamlessly on all browsers. It is a tool that relies on the session and adjusts the site when it is being used after the webpages have been loaded and even rendered for reference to the person. The biggest advantage of this tool is there is no difference in the browsing experience for a user who has not activated the numerous web accessibility features on this tool.

AccessiBe deploys a single line of the site’s JavaScript to make it completely accessible in under two days or 48 hours. When the evaluation of the web pages is completed, you get an Accessibility Statement for the site. It reads that the Internet should be available and accessible to every user, and the company is dedicated to offering a site that is accessible to as many people as possible, irrespective of ability and circumstance. This is why it is so popular today among large and small business owners alike!

Danny Legge