The Right Choices and Steps in SEO

The Right Choices and Steps in SEO

When it comes to health organizations in which the patient is attended in person, the local SEO plays an essential role. And yes, we put it in capital letters because it’s true, not to get attention for free.

Local SEO is to improve your position in Google in the eyes of the user but focusing especially on your service, product and / or business premises associated with a specific geographical position in which you are interested in positioning yourself (street, city, province). With the small business seo service you can have the best deal now.

The Right Factors for You

All the factors listed above will serve to go up positions in Google (called “ rankear ” in the Marketinian jargon), but if you want to be clearly associated with a geographical place, you should add these little tactics

Search for keywords related to your business and add the name of the neighborhood or city with which you want to position yourself on Google.

  • For example, if your pharmacy is located in a famous neighborhood of your city, write the page of your website or a post in which the keyword is “ Farmacia Malasaña ” or “ Farmacia Eixample ”.
  • Another example, for medical specialists who serve in a city, would be to position yourself with the keyword “ Dentist Valencia ” or “ Pediatrician Tarragona ”.

Mark your site data so search engines can understand its content

Although it may not seem like it, Google’s robots and algorithms are a bit ” lazy ” and prefer the information that is as clear as possible, so as not to waste much time analyzing the web and discovering what is going on.

A somewhat technical trick but that is authentic ‘black leg’ is to include a SCHEMA MARKUP in your website. This trick is to add a kind of business card to your website so that, at a glance, Google spiders understand your website first, where it is, what it offers. Creation of specific and geolocated content to the cities where the service is provided.

Write texts in which your service or health product is clearly associated with the city, province or neighborhood where you want to position yourself. 

Consistency in business information

Both on the web, as in Google My Business, social media profiles and any other directory, the information must be clear and consistent between them.

Management of your local listings

Local SEO for pharmacies

When customers need pharmacy services or products, they are most likely looking for them online. This is because search engines (such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing) are the most popular way to find information about local businesses. Therefore, it is important to think about the way potential customers search on Google. You can type in a search engine “pharmacy that makes deliveries in CITY NAME” or “vitamin supplements CITY NAME”.


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