The 3 Green Flags Of An SEO Company – My Experiences As A Digital Marketer

People might raise their eyebrows at me because I am a so-called digital marketer who hired an SEO company in Singapore, as it was not my forte. Well, the thing about this industry is the presence of specialisations and niches that define what you do or the services you offer to clients. In my case, I am a graphic designer who knows nothing about search engine optimisation (SEO) and other tactics.

My job was to source an agency for my client. The challenging aspect is that it was an additional task (a simple one) on top of the graphic design services I offered. Their rationale was that I had a brief stint as a digital marketing employee with connections within the industry.

I was in charge of the Facebook marketing tactics for the agency I work for because they needed new visual content. Let me share my experiences looking for an SEO agency and the green flags you should know.


A portfolio is essential to every creative job or anything that requires you to demonstrate your expertise and experience with a particular niche. Since I do digital content creation as my full-time career, I knew the importance of these things, which I looked for in an agency. They are usually in the form of case studies or an explanation of what they did for a client who eventually succeeded in their marketing goals. Another example is analytics or the data that shows how a business gains exposure in the market.


Everything would be a waste without results: After creating a visual image or assistance for the web development team in Singapore, things do not end there because I usually wait for the results, such as how the website fares and other indicators of its performance. In the case of marketing and other agencies, always look for the results they offer, and whether they align with your goals as a client. (Tip: These are often in their portfolio or case studies about what they did for their accounts.)


The field of digital marketing is constantly changing, especially social media where there is a popular platform that can easily lose its popularity or a simple picture that garnered more engagements than usual. A good company should show how it can adapt to the changes in the industry. For example, they have made a transition to LinkedIn advertising to promote job listings or improved their copywriting in Singapore to cater to the latest jargon and how their target market speaks the language. In short, the skills stay the same, but they manage to align with the latest trends.

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Bertha Bentley