QUICKTECHABLE: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

QUICKTECHABLE: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Q: What is Quick Techable? A: Quick Techable is a huge resource for all things technology. We cover a broad spectrum, from mobile phones to laptops, with high end and low end products all under the same roof. Q: How long has Quick Techable been in business? A: Quick Techable is 10 years old! Q: Who is your target audience? A: Our target audience is anyone who wants to upgrade their home or office technology for a great price. We have products for every budget and for every need. Q: What do you offer? A: We have everything. From business equipment like fax machines and voice recorders to personal electronics like camcorders and bluetooth devices, Quick Techable has it all. With products ranging from as little as $6.99 to as much as $1,600.


Why is Quick Techable a Good Company?

Hello, I am David Nellman and this is the first time I’m reaching out to you. I’m not quite sure what to say but I want to use this opportunity to introduce myself to the tech community as well as answer some of your questions and concerns. I started Quick Techable a few years back. Before I started, I was a retired telecommunications technician that worked with a consumer electronics retailer and a computer repair company. I decided to sell my tools to start my own business and share the latest, innovative technology with everyone. Initially, my goal was to buy 1,000 tools to sell at $1 each, which I would donate a portion of the proceeds to charity. The target was $1,000 but as soon as I started the campaign, that number immediately started growing.


How did Quick Techable Start?

David’s passion for all things technical led him to spend countless hours researching different suppliers and manufacturers all over the world in order to create an efficient and effective one-stop shop for all of your technical needs. And that’s how Quick Techable was born. Today, Quick Techable is helping over 50,000 satisfied customers worldwide, offering a line of inexpensive yet reliable home tech products to solve common problems and to save customers a great deal of money.


Why You Should Buy From Us

We offer cutting-edge products at low prices so you can enjoy the benefits of owning the best. For that, we offer an almost endless amount of information and tips on how to best use these products to make the most out of your time and money. When you order with Quick Techable, you don’t have to pay extra for shipping or tax so you can focus on the most important part of your shopping trip- finding the right product for you. We have a friendly staff who will answer any questions you may have and guide you to make the purchase that is right for your lifestyle. You can simply phone us on your mobile phone or call us on our customer service line for further assistance or if you would like to speak to a member of our expert technical team.


What You Should Buy

Multitouch display units for desktops Touch-screen monitor options Touchpad mouse options Light switches with a traditional touch interface Liquid crystal displays Axe Our Axe line of LED monochrome liquid-crystal displays (LCD) have been our bread and butter since we first launched the line, but recently we have expanded into new ways to customize your displays to suit your needs. As an update to our Axe line, we are now offering another complete line of colorless LED LCD displays with additional options for input and output. The lineup includes small- and large-screen options, a full-color curved screen, and more. Trimline In our Trimline series of LED panels, we have expanded our options even more.



Over the years, we have made it our mission to bring you the best and most innovative equipment available to you at the best prices possible. In fact, we have become one of the best values in tech and offer you the most useful tech tools on the market. And yes, we have great products at an affordable price. We think that all of our customers will agree that we are offering a much better deal than you would find anywhere else online. Our products are known for being the best in the industry and we have decided to share our knowledge with you so that you can make the right choice. If you are looking for new equipment, then you’ll definitely want to check out what we have to offer.


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