PoMelo File Explorer and Cleaner

PoMelo File Explorer and Cleaner

A subject of great importance but not spoken much about is file management. Let’s pay some attention to it, to realise its importance. Files are primarily used to keep records. Records include details and information on almost everything. Investments, finances, to-do-lists, and pretty much anything else. File covers are made out of thicker board than paper. The papers carrying records were fastened to the file covers by a thick cord, referred to as filing cord. Individual subjects were filed separately. Files were stored behind locked doors in filing cabinets.

A person was put in charge to overlook the safety and security of the files in an office. Failure to manage this good would bring disastrous results, as one could imagine. With time and development taking place in the world, the practice and following of file storage has become less cumbersome. With smartphones of the likes, filing has taken a paradigm shift. Been smartphone users this is only too well known to all. And the past file in charge onus, has passed on to the smartphone users.And to assist and make tasks more professional and easier, is the most looked forward to exclusive smart app the PoMeloFile Explorer & Cleaner Smart App. Here’s a quick glance through its amazing features and functions which will ensure the best of protection along with safety, for all contents in a smartphone and simultaneously look after the working mechanism to give trouble free day to day usage.

Many use File explorers to find unwanted files to get more free storage. You can use apps like Clean Master, NOX Cleaner, AVG Cleaner to automate that process. Clean Master can find all junk files and unwanted files on your phone storage delete them for you. Fast and easiest way to get more storage space.

Features of PoMelo File Explorer

PoMelo features a very easy and friendly index. With it, accessing files with no time spent on searching is a reality. They could be organized as a collection with titles. These could be viewed at a glance, with renaming, deleting, remarks, and moving. As an added convenience search filters are provided. Apps that are installed are in file form. They remain behind even after apps are installed.

Unused files are referred to as junk files. These files are found in the smartphone’s cache. Cache stores information that makes apps and web browser use to speed performance. To keep the cache in acceptable condition, the junk files, corrupt files need to be eliminated. PoMelo will sense and remove them regularly. With virus scanning PoMelo will ensure a virus free set up. The all-important battery power will be retained most optimally with the battery saver.

The CPU Cooler will maintain the right temperature. Its actions to stop inactive apps running, arranging the usage content as per their usage frequency will prevent deadly overheating. Bookmarking, category’s view and so many other useful features can be found in PoMelo.

All of the smart work done by PoMelois to ensure the best of storage capacity, battery power and the working speeds are maintained.With PoMelo File Explorer & Cleaner Smart App’s features look no further, as the 10 million + current users of this smart app have done. Get on board and feel the difference. Your smartphone couldn’t get any better. Feel the joy of working on it increasing, immeasurably.

Download PoMelo File explorer Apk

Best and easiest way to download PoMelo apk is using AC Market, Happymod or Aptoide. Those are the most popular Android app stores available for free. You can use Happymod apk or AC Market apk to find games and apps. First download latest version of Happymod apk. Then install. You will see search icon on the home screen of Happymod app. Select and search “pomelo”. Select this file explorer from search results and install.

Danny Legge