One-handed Bass Experience

One-handed Bass Experience

Convenience is the reason why Bluetooth speakers are popular, but it has eventually become its shackle. Many years ago, people might have known “convenience” as big as watermelons. With the development and conversion of society, the current “convenience” is smaller than apples.


The volume, sound quality, endurance, cost and other issues have to be weighed. The volume of Bluetooth speakers cannot be reduced. The volume of HONOR Mini Speaker is only 54*55*55 mm. The small volume shows the Mini in a dripping and delicate way. It enables users to hold it with one hand. Both boys and girls can do it. At the same time, it has good sound quality. The outer layer of the sound box is wrapped with a layer of silica gel sleeve. It strengthens the protection degree of the sound box. It makes the “feel” of the sound box more comfortable. In addition, this silica gel sleeve can be completely removed. Users can change colors and patterns according to their preferences. This provides more choices for young users who pursue individuality.

For those who like to skate out of the street, it is a great benefit to bring a small sound box. At the same time, it also has long endurance and excellent sound quality.

HONOR Mini Speaker uses a simple design. There is only one multi-function button on the front. The Micro USB interface on the back is wrapped in a silica gel sleeve dustproof rubber plug. The top is a full speaker mesh. The top corner part reserves holes for hanging ropes. It is more convenient to carry. Although there are not many complicated decorations, they highlight the excellent quality.

This Bluetooth speaker hides more design details. There is a 3W full-frequency horn inside the sound box. It covers the frequency band of 50-25000Hz. The dynamic effect of the sound is more obvious. The direct feeling given is that the sound is especially transparent, strong and penetrating. The bigger surprise is at the bottom of the speaker. Turn the speaker over and you can see that its bottom is designed with an independent bass diaphragm. This is a way to ensure sound quality under such a compact design.

Due to the limited diaphragm size of small speakers, the amount of air driven by vibration is insufficient. The user’s intuitive feeling is that the low frequency is weak and the sense of sound volume is lacking. However, HONOR Rubik’s Cube Bluetooth speaker adopts an independent bass diaphragm design. The diaphragm itself cannot be directly driven by electrical signals. The air in the box body after the moving coil unit vibrates will drive the diaphragm to vibrate together when it is compressed and expanded. It can drive more air to move and improve the performance of the small sound box in low frequency.

This design makes the sound quality performance of Bluetooth speaker bring full shock to users. The volume was adjusted to a higher level due to distrust of the volume of the small speaker. The result was amazing. Volume was loud enough and there was no broken sound. The medium and high frequencies are resistant to listening because the 3W full-frequency horn has full and sweet timbre. With the blessing of the independent bass diaphragm, the low frequency has completely lost its expressive force to similar small sound box products. People feel abundant, strong and elastic. For such a small speaker product, the effect is satisfactory..

Bertha Bentley