Newsy – Android TV News App

There is list of apps that must have on a smart TV. News application is one such must have app. You can install Android phone news application on your TV using Applinked or Filesynced. But those apps will not work perfectly and smoothly with your TV. It is because those apps are not designed to work with larger screens like TV. Make sure to use news application designed for TV like Newsy.

Newsy is a Android TV and Fire TV news application that is designed to work perfectly with any Android TV box like Mi BOX, Mi TV, Skystream, Fire TV, Firestick, Chromecast and all. You can switch between news articles, news videos and use all the features of this app using TV remote. Simple as using an app on your phone.

Features of Newsy App

Provide not influences content. Does not provide news that are favourable for one party. Provide anti-partisan approach to news. It is always nice to see actual news than opinions and pundits. You will surely enjoy this news app. Because it takes lesser time to get the actual news. Many news articles and videos provide unwanted facts that make it time consuming to get the actual news.

Most of the news coverages mention the loudest part. If you like to dig deeper about the news, Newsy provide or deliver in-depth and honest content of the story instead of showing only the loudest part.

Provide 24/7 live news coverage with breaking news. You will never miss critical news with breaking news feature of this TV news app. Most of the breaking news are harder to understand. This app will deliver breaking news in simple and elegant way that pleases you.

Go through this TV news app for all daily current stories, innovative original documentaries on demand and more.

Install Newsy App on Android TV

Now you can install this application on any Android TV box including Fire TV. First try to install this application using Play Store or Amazon App store. Follow below mention procedure only if default app store does not provide this app. Because using the default app store is the easiest way to install Newsy ap on your TV.

First download and install any TV app installer like Applinked, Filesynced, unlinked or Aptoide TV. Then create your own store. Here we are using Filesynced. Download newsy apk and add it to your Filesynced store. Use your Filesynced code to install this app on your TV.

Bertha Bentley