More About MLtek Software and the Products They Had Developed

More About MLtek Software and the Products They Had Developed

MLtek Software is a company based in the United Kingdom and produces a range of programs that have the goal of tackling various IT infrastructure challenges. All their staff has had various extensive experiences working in IT positions and is quite familiar with the challenges that this field offers.

Better way

Each of the products this company has developed has followed “If only I could find an application that did X” moment. All their solutions were developed to provide an effective, simple and unique answer to that often-challenging question.

Started in 2003

Formed back in 2003 MLtek was started by Mark Laverty. While he was working in the IT industry for over 10 years, Mark identified many gaps in the market for software that was specialized for common IT problems. Often the current software products seemed too complex and usually very overpriced. There had to be a better way.

Since then

Since then they have been offering state-of-the-art answers to many IT problems faced by all companies as well as organizations around the world including Europe, the United States, and almost any other country that exists. They specialize in developing software solutions to large problems in ways that are simple. ArchiverFS, Process Controller, as well as Ultimate Monitor are examples of their approach.

Read more about their programs

Here you can read about simple, clean designed and targeted programs that focus on a precise problem as well as implemented with only a single-minded resolve. There will not be any ‘bloat’ or unneeded structures in any of their software as it is designed to do a precise task and planned to do that task efficiently as possible.


This company is members in several industry bodies including the Organization of Independent Software Vendors.


Have you sat and wondered why there is not a simple and effective way to handle the decades of old files that have built up on your file server? All the products and tools available on the market revolve around trying to control a database to handle what is an issue with the file system. Now, this is where ArchiverFS is different.

No database needed

The program works at the level of the file system and gives you a more structured way to move all your old and unused files to 2nd tier storage, without having to store files, pointers to files or even file metadata in a database.


You get all the features you would expect such as:

  • Stubs that are seamless can be left in place of old files once they have been moved;
  • Reporting;
  • Tons of choices to control how files are moved like file size, age, types, etc.;
  • Ability to do file compression once they have all been moved.

But you will also get enormous scalability, agent-free operation as well as compatibility with many technologies like de-duplication and DFS.

So, are you interested? See here for guidance on choosing the best storage to use with their solution.

Want to be a beta site?

Currently, this company is looking for users to help them trial their newest product, IP Spider. It would be ideal if you are an organization that is deeply dependent on external TCP/IP connectivity and possibly in the telecom sector.

What is IP Spider

IP Spider is a hugely accessible, high fidelity, multi-threaded network routing that is used to monitoring the route. It was developed for use by organizations that absolutely must know not only if the connections externally are up, but if down, why? Even in complex environments, it canidentify precisely where a loss of connection occurred within seconds of being down to the exact hop, even if you are routing over the public internet.

Hablas Espanol?

Are you a Spanish speaker? Over the last few years, this company has seen an increase coming from non-English speaking countries. This also includes numerous companies from China and quite a few Spanish speaking countries. In support of this trend, this company will be releasing a Spanish version of ArchiverFS in the very near future to compliment the English, Chinese traditional and Chinese simplified versions already on the market. In the meantime you can find the Spanish version of ArchiverFS product pages here.

Subscription licenses now available for ArchiverFS

Over the last several years, this company has had multiple requests to introduce a subscription-based licensing model of ArchiverFS.

Up until this time all licenses were perpetual and worked on a ‘buy once use forever’ basis with annual renewals of support. Despite the licensing cost being a fraction of the cost for the closest competitors and the fact is that ArchiverFS is already an amazing value for money spent, this model has the effect of front loading a lot of the costs. Being able to do this and offering a subscription-based license alongside the perpetual licenses enables this company to provide a way to spread the beginning costs more evenly over years 2+.

Trial Version

If you are struggling to find a simple as well as cost effective way to get a hold on your sprawling file system, so why not have a look at ArchiverFS? Whether your system is less than 1TB in size or multiple Petabytes, this company can help you bring some order to the chaos and………

  • Save money on backups by reducing the data to backup;
  • Helps to ensure compliance with any relevant legislation in your region regarding retention of information e.g. the Data Protection Act in the UK;
  • Cut restoration times in the event of some disaster;
  • Enables you to free a lot more space on your expensive first line storage.

You can download the trial version of ArchiverFS for free and take it for a test drive. This trial version is full featured, and it enables you to fully explore all this program has to offer on your systems in your own time.

Danny Legge