MilesWeb Reseller Hosting: Become Your Own Boss by Starting Your Web Hosting Business

MilesWeb Reseller Hosting: Become Your Own Boss by Starting Your Web Hosting Business

There were so many questions regarding the direct impact of web hosting on SEO, and website working. Earlier, web hosting wasn’t considered as a parameter of SEO performance, until some SEO experts like Neil Patel, revealed the truth. When website’s with good SEO practices failed to rank on search results, then thorough research has been done to find out the loopholes. So the study found that web hosting actually plays important role in SEO performance, and the “most ignored” factor is now considered as the “most important” one. Thus, the demand for the best web hosting provider has increased, and this business has gained popularity.

Web Hosting –

Web hosting enables a website to get accessed over the internet. It provides all the best of hosting features to a website to boost its SEO.

Thus, web developers now create a site that can work fine with SEO, and also the hosting provider for it is taken care by them. This allows many web developers to start their own hosting company using the reseller hosting option.

To have a web hosting business, you need a domain name and web hosting for yourself. Hosting provider like MilesWeb offers both at the same place. But as both the services domain hosting (domain registration) and web hosting are different from each other, there can be a possibility that you have purchased the domain name from one place and web hosting from another. But having a domain and web hosting from different providers doesn’t impact the hosting business, but from where you purchase it does.

Web hosting packages vary from different providers to the type of hosting you buy. The type of web hosting and features associated with it, decides its final cost.

Reseller Hosting :

In reseller hosting, you can buy the hosting from a large web hosting company and sell it to your customers. That is basically, you are doing the reselling, without your customers knowing it. Hence, the name is cheapest reseller hosting.

You must be thinking, how your customers won’t be able to find out that you are doing reselling?

This is due to the 100% white label parameter. This feature allows you to sell the hosting service under your brand name and your customers think that you are the original provider.

Thus, it becomes your responsibility to maintain the authenticity of your business, by providing the best services to your customers.

Let’s look at factors when web hosting affects your website :

1) When a website doesn’t load quickly

According to a survey it has been found that people do not accept web pages those doesn’t get load within 3 seconds. Yes, if your site is not getting loaded in 3 seconds, then you need to fix it. Also, slow loading speed is not good for SEO and user experience.

Thus, at MilesWeb all the websites are stored in SSD storage that accelerates the speed of the site by 200 times. Also, a 99.95% uptime makes sure that your site is always present on the internet whenever a request is made by any visitor.

2) When a website is not secure

We all know, cyber crimes have increased a lot in the past few years.

 So, should you stop taking your business online?


With support from a trusted hosting partner, you can always work online efficiently.

All the servers at MilesWeb are scanned on daily basis, so there is no chance that any bug can infect your website. Even if a small malicious activity is found, the technical team fixes it immediately.

Additionally, to keep the website data transmission safe, all websites hosted at MilesWeb gets a free SSL certificated incorporated into them.

So, make sure you use a secured web hosting.

Is MilesWeb Good for Starting Your Web Hosting Business?

By now, you know that the trusted web hosting provided can keep your hosting business running well.

As discussed earlier, we know that MilesWeb provides both – domain name and web hosting. So, it is always a better option to buy both from one place. This is because, after that, you don’tneed to keep the record of two things differently. The domain name and web hosting come with a certain duration and during renewal, you might end up paying extra bucks. But, MilesWeb offers a free domain with all their Windows reseller hosting and Linux reseller hosting plans that too for a lifetime.

The reseller hosting from MilesWeb provides a 100% white label feature so that the user can sell web hosting services under his own brand.

Datacenter Choice –

If you have a local business then you must get famous locally, right?

There is no point to choose a data center location as USA, when you have a business in India.

Selecting far locations will make a website slow by increasing pikes in the travel process. Thus, if you have a business, you must select a data center location as India only.

With MilesWeb you can select any location from UK, Canada, Singapore, India, USA, Australia, etc. as per the requirements.

SEO add-ons from MilesWeb –

To strengthen your website’s SEO performance, MilesWeb offers some addons like :

(i) Google Analytics Integration –

This analytical tool allows you to check the real-time statics of your website. So, that you can find out the location, age, and other details of people browsing your website. One should always make use of analytics to make the website more effective.

(ii) Google Webmaster –

Google webmaster tool allows you to determine the broken links, blocked URLs, HTML errors present on the site so that you can easily fix them.

Thus, I will say, from where you buy web hosting does impact your hosting business.

Wrapping Up :

At MilesWeb you get features like 100% white-label, pure SSD storage, free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited email accounts, Softaculous, unlimited domain hosting, etc. with their reseller hosting. Additionally, they also take care that every customer should get 24/7 free technical support with 99.95% uptime. Now, I don’t think, you need to find other providers, when you get everything at one place that too at affordable prices.


Danny Legge