Key Cybersecurity Elements You Should Keep In Mind During M&A Diligence

Key Cybersecurity Elements You Should Keep In Mind During M&A Diligence

In today’s corporate world, the element of mergers and acquisitions is becoming a common factor. So running a diligence investigation is a must in these deals as every business wants to make sure that they are dealing with a genuine company. The issues pertaining to technology and cybersecurity are among the primordial factors that need to be scrutinized here.

Here are the factors that are taken into account in due diligence:

  • Digital assets and their importance

Most company’s focus strongly on digital assets and this is where the due diligence team looks into the cybersecurity status of the company. This includes analyzing the internal systems used for tracking the finances of a company including the software used for tracking sales and customer details.

  • Maintaining industry standards

In some cases, it turns out that an external source is responsible for security breaches in the company. This might happen due to insufficient security systems and this can have major drawbacks and repercussions. Due diligence team attempts to find all these loopholes before the deal is finally closed between the companies.

  • Studying the network and connectivity issues

Along with the hardware and software systems, the study of network and connectivity is another important factor. The due diligence team cannot just rely on the assurance given by the target company without verifying things on their own. This also helps to identify the serious issues and gaps in security areas. The team also studies the basic cyber architecture in the company. This also includes the type of networks along with the connections that are used in the company in order to transmit data.

  • Assessing ways to access networks

This simply means that the team assesses how the IT department is capable of accessing the networks and who’s in charge of overseeing them. In short, this is thorough scrutiny of the capabilities of the IT department.

  • Maintaining proper security standards and protocols

It is important for companies to maintain strong security standards. The diligence team results should inform the target company about the remedial costs including the expenses to fix gaps in risk management. Highly crafted representations and warranties allow the verification of representation regarding cybersecurity standards as well as the allocation of potential liabilities.

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Clare Louise