Instagram tips and tricks

Instagram tips and tricks

There are brands on Instagram, but businesses often struggle to fit into the world of selfies, food shots, and short video clips. If you’re one of these companies, here are 6 cool Instagram tricks you may not have heard of before.

Define the best times to post yourself

Many companies are regularly concerned with the question of “the best time to post”. When should your own content be published in order to achieve the highest possible interaction and reach?

The clear answer: it all depends!

On what On your own target group or community! This differs from company to company. Therefore, no general statements can be made about when the respective target groups usually interact. Here you have to run your own tests and understand your own community as precisely as possible!

This is the only way to determine with conviction when one’s own content is preferred to be consumed. For some companies this will be in the morning when their own community is on their way to work. For the others in the evening, when their own target group is comfortably on the couch. It’s up to us to find out and define the best one to post!

Connect Instagram to Facebook

Your own Instagram channel can be linked to the associated Facebook profile in less than 2 minutes. We recommend to take this step in any case!

The advantages are obvious:

  • Future advertisements for Instagram can be managed centrally from the Facebook Business Manager
  • When working with the Business Manager, we not only have multiple, but also more precise “targeting” functions
  • By connecting, multiple team members can now access the Instagram account

And of course, posts that are uploaded to Instagram can also be published on Facebook at the same time.

Don’t “blindly” publish Instagram content on Facebook

Clearly: once Instagram and Facebook are connected, posts can be shared super quickly – and super conveniently – on both platforms. This saves time and work!

However, one of our Instagram tips is not to just “blind” this! Because a post for the Instagram feed does not always match the same on Facebook. For example, the use of hashtags on Facebook is completely pointless and does not match the “language” of the platform.

In the worst case, it even gives the impression that the respective post has not been made particularly hard and copied 1 to 1 from Instagram – which is also the truth! Here you should always go the “extra mile” and adapt the contributions to the respective platforms.

Instagram tips for more sales – integrate a shop into your own profile

Your own company offers products for sale online? Then it can make sense to activate the shop function in your own Instagram profile! In future, your own products can be linked to your own posts. These are shown on the respective picture with the price and a direct link to the page.

This step simplifies the sales process many times over, as interested users come directly to the respective product!

In order to integrate or activate the shop function, your Instagram and Facebook channels must be connected. In addition, you must first enter your products in the Facebook shop function. Then you apply in your Instagram account, via the settings, the integration and approval of your shop on Instagram . The approval usually takes a few working days.

Don’t put links in posts

Only one “clickable” link can be set on Instagram, namely in your profile description. Incorporating links into your own post text therefore makes little sense!

Our well-intentioned tip therefore: definitely leave it!

This not only has no effect, it also looks unnatural. Here it is important to play according to the rules of the platform and to only integrate links in the places provided.

Get community suggestions

If you want to expand your reach on Instagram, you should keep an eye out for interesting profiles and interact with them. In this way, not only are new subscribers added regularly. Often great collaborations are created here!

Instagram itself has an integrated function that can be used to make suggestions to the community. Based on factors, the algorithm provides us with profile suggestions that could suit us.

How you deal with these profiles is up to you. Often you will also see competitors that you didn’t know about until now. Even if you don’t want to interact with these profiles, you will at least know your market a little better afterwards! You can watch Instagram stories of your competitors anonymously with Storiesig tool.

Our Instagram tips – how to lead to long-term success!

All Instagram tips have one thing in common: they want to help companies understand this powerful platform. This is the only way to gradually improve your own company. In the long run, Instagram can be a very valuable addition when it comes to attracting prospects for your own company. In the short term, it is about building a robust community and continuously providing it with interesting content.

The question of smartphones – or “professional” cameras is becoming less and less important. Smartphone cameras get better from year to year. It is becoming increasingly difficult for laypeople to recognize the differences at all. In addition, the images uploaded to Instagram are “rendered” down to the resolution used by Instagram, regardless of their quality.

Differences can then only be determined in exposure, depth of field, etc. Therefore, your success on Instagram is less about expensive camera equipment than about your own creativity and closeness to the target group. In this way, our Instagram tips become real growth drivers for your own presence – and not just well-intentioned “empty phrases”!

Danny Legge