Hands-on approach to cybersecurity: Check important measures here!

Hands-on approach to cybersecurity: Check important measures here!

Complex IT environments & heterogenous network infrastructure have increased cybersecurity concerns. While deployment of both on-premise solutions and cloud is almost a must for many companies, risks of cyberattacks and security breaches have also increased exponentially. In this post, we are discussing more on improving cybersecurity in a hands-on manner. 

Get ethical hackers

Many big companies are running bug bounty programs to find flaws and vulnerabilities in their own systems. If your company doesn’t have the resources to do that, you can always get ethical hackers to hack your company’s recorder and other resources. This is easily the most effective way of fixing cybersecurity issues, which are otherwise ignored.  

Bring down the departmental silos

Businesses need to consider cybersecurity beyond obvious compliance requirements. For cybersecurity policies and practices to work, it is necessary to make collaboration happen within the organization. Allow managers and employees to take decisions to get work done, but also make them responsible for their actions. Bring down the departmental silos and create transparency, so that cybersecurity is not compromised. 

Focus on password protection

Unfortunately, hackers are constantly finding backdoor entry into networks and systems, because of weak or default passwords. Make sure that all default passwords are changed immediately after a device or resource has been deployed, and ask employees to create strong and long passwords. A strong password should be 10 characters long, at the least, must have special characters, uppercase & lowercase numbers. Also, recommend a good password manager for employees. 

Keep an eye on networks & devices

Does your company allow WFHs? Do you have BYOD policy in place? If not, make sure to create cybersecurity policies around these aspects. Also, all devices and network assets must be placed behind firewalls, and businesses need to spend on network segmentation, so that compromise on one subnetwork doesn’t affect others. Using antivirus, antimalware software programs is also highly recommended.

Check for access rights

Access management is an aspect that determines the strength of your cybersecurity perimeters. Make sure that only right people have access to right data and resources, at a given point and time. Access rights must be granted, modified, updated, and revoked in real time, and if that means investing in access management suite, consider that option. Having transparency in this department just makes it easy to investigate incidents, in case one happens. 

Finally, train your people, and let them know of the cybersecurity risks that your company is worried about.  

Bertha Bentley