Green Screen Studios Are An Integral Part Of Media Business Today

Green Screen Studios Are An Integral Part Of Media Business Today

Green screen technology is an amazing innovation.

When we look at how videos are being shot, we find that a green screen is being used in a majority of video productions today. Whether it is a blockbuster movie releasing from Hollywood or the weekly weather updates we witness on our television sets, having a green screen studio is a common phenomenon now that allows people to shoot videos precisely according to their needs by altering the background of the scene altogether.

How does a Green screen work?

To understand how a green screen works, it will be pertinent to know that a green screen is simply a green background screen used to shoot scenes. Once the scene is shot, it is replaced in the editing phase by a second image that is also the desired background in the video. This allows the video producers to shoot different videos of different locations while just staying at one place.

What are the benefits of using a green screen?

Using a Green screen has many benefits.

1. It allows video makers to replicate a place, a city, a location, which may be a thousand miles away.
2. Green screen allows creators to create scenarios that don’t even exist.
3. Green screen allows TV producers and common You Tubers to create larger than life effects.
4. Green screen studio allows video producers to emulate all kinds of scenarios such as an overcast rainy day, a bright sunny day on the beach, or even a planet in the galaxy.
5. Green Screen even allows video producers to make the subject completely invisible by putting a green suit on the subject.
6. All the famous movies of Hollywood that feature larger than life fictional characters were made with the help of Green screen.
7. Green screen studio is also responsible for all the special effects shown in movies.

What to consider when using green screen?

Although a Green screen has many advantages, but using it also requires taking some very important factors into consideration. They include:

1. One of the biggest things to avoid while using a green screen is to wear green or blue clothing.
2. It is also advisable to refrain from using jewellery items that are reflective, because they can easily pick up the green screen in their reflections.
3. Taking care of lighting is also critical because it will remove any shadows from the scene.
4. It is also important to place the subjects at a distance of at least 6 feet from the green screen. Placing the subject closer to the green screen increases the possibility of a green spill.
5. It is also advisable to make sure that the subject is moving slowly while using a green screen. If speed becomes necessary, then using a shutter with a high speed would be conducive.

There is absolutely no doubt that the introduction of a green screen studio has completely changed the way video scenes are shot today. However it would be wise to hire the services of a professional, if someone plans to use this technique for the first time.

Danny Legge