Fixing More Common Technical SEO Concerns

Fixing More Common Technical SEO Concerns

There is more to SEO than keyword-crammed content. About 33% is off-page optimization that includes things like quality backlinks, another 33% is having a website that is free from technical concerns and then you have the last 33% of on-page optimization. When you look for help with SEO Wall or where you are, they can help fix some of the more common technical issues such as redirects that do not work, content that is repeated, bad link building and unhappy mobile users.

Redirects that do not work

There are times when a website or a page of a site needs to change over to a new URL. The best way most professionals achieve this is with a 301 redirect. It makes sure that when visitors visit that page or site, they get redirected to the new one. If you rebuild your website or have someone else do it, who does not understand SEO and these concerns, then your site will not redirect when it should. That means identifying 404 errors (not found) and then using 301s to move users to the pages they are looking for. The larger the website the harder this process is.

Content that is repeated

It is important to make sure that all your content is high quality and not replicated. A lot of websites take something they wrote on one page and place it on another. For example, they might have local pages for different locations they operate but they use the same content for each page to the different local pages. Having duplicate content is a technical issue and does not look when search engines look at your website and decide how to rank you when someone does a relevant search. Even very similar content is a problem.

Bad link building

Having excellent backlinks can see a website achieve a good gain on the traffic they normally see. That is something an SEO Wall professional knows how to handle properly. But it is possible to have spam-like, bad or black hat links and these will damage the rankings your website can achieve. An expert will ensure they are done legally, at a natural pace and that they are varied and high-quality.

Unhappy mobile users

With so many visitors coming from mobile devices it is important to make sure they are able to connect to the site quickly and navigate easily. When someone tries to get onto a website and it is slow to load, or hard to get around, they leave and don’t come back. Some website owners choose to get around this by having sites that are separate and specifically for mobile devices but that can cause its own issues.


With an expert working with you on your SEO needs you are more likely to see less technical SEO issues with your website.

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