Know About Different Types of CCTV Cameras to Choose the Best for Your Security Surveillance

Know About Different Types of CCTV Cameras to Choose the Best for Your Security Surveillance

The CCTV surveillance has become the most essential component to provide adequate security to your business and you can choose the best from different types of CCTV devices. Eventually, you need to provide your CCTV surveillance with adequate protection against various cyber security breachso that it will provide you with your required protection. In order to protect you and your business, you must first choose the appropriate CCTV system because there is a variety of CCTV that suits different purposes, situations and places or premises. Therefore, choosing the right CCTV for a specific purpose is the vital aspect before by or install CCTV surveillance for your purpose.

There are different types of CCTV cameras like dome cameras, bullet cameras, C-mount cameras, day/night cameras, and PTZ cameras. The dome cameras are most used cameras for indoor as well as outdoor surveillance. The shape of the dome camera is made such a way that the onlooker will get confused to identify which way the camera is facing which can be applied for the criminals too. The bullet cameras are long, and cylinder-shaped. The bullet cameras are good for outdoor surveillance. The bullet camera can view longer and are easy for installation. They are shielded against dust, dirt and other natural damaging elements.

The C-mount cameras have detachable lenses and permit simple lens changes as per the requirement. This camera can cover a distance up to 40 feet distance. The day/night camera can capture clear footage in the dark and this is the reason the day/night cameras are preferred outdoor. The PTZ pan fit and zoom cameras have moving functionalities and can move left or right and up and down with zooming facilities. This camera is effective in an operational security system.

The dark fighter technology camera can take clear and coloured images in a very low light environment. These cameras can be effectively used both in the day as well as in night clear picture quality and optimum performances. The dark fighter technology is equipped with ½ CMOS progressive scan sensors which can take high-quality pictures without an extra light source. Besides the above, there are ANPR/LPR cameras to read and store data on registration plates. These cameras are mostly used in car parking, hotel overstay management, ANRP stands for the purpose of automatic number plate recognition. Eventually, these cameras are very helpful for obtaining copious information in a high traffic location.

Danny Legge