9 Ways to Curate Compelling Micro Content

9 Ways to Curate Compelling Micro Content

Micro content is acquiring popularity with increasing mobile usage and decreasing attention of audiences. The bite-sized content not only helps in improving user engagement but also in increasing brand awareness. 

Creating compelling bite-sized content is essential to reap the benefits of increased user engagement and brand awareness. Here are ways in which you can curate compelling bite-sized content. 

Ways in Which You Can Curate Micro Content

Compelling micro content can help businesses build trustworthy relationships with their customers. You can curate compelling short-form content in the following ways:

1. Create Visuals

Infographics and images are two important keys to creating compelling micro contents. Attractive and colourful visuals can effectively draw the target audience’s attention. However, the visuals need to incorporate information that appeals to the audience. 

In addition, you can create short video clips containing valuable information to engage the audience. Relevant information based on the needs of the target audience has the potential to increase the audience’s interaction with your brand. 

2. Make Your Content Short

The audience’s attention span is decreasing; as a result, they prefer to read or watch short content. Short yet captivating attributes are necessary to curate micro content. Even if the content is short, you need to convey the message appropriately to foster audience engagement. 

In addition, social media platforms like X (formerly popular as Twitter) restrict the character limits for posting content. As a result, you need to curate short content to reach out to your target audience through social media platforms. 

Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn allow publishing content irrespective of the length. However, considering the audience’s diminishing attention span, short-form content is likely to engage more audiences.  

3. Maintain A Writing Tone Based on Your Target Audience

The tone of writing is an important factor that can enrich short-form content. Choosing an informal or formal tone can impact the target audience significantly. For instance, using an informal tone can attract Gen Z and Millennials. However, to attract a Gen X audience you need to use a formal tone.

So, choosing the appropriate tone of writing is crucial to creating compelling short-form content. Further, a conversational tone can help you engage the audience and increase interactions. 

4. Include Attractive and Useful Information

You must include valuable and useful information that the target audience likes to read or watch. In addition, your short-form content needs to have clarity while conveying the messages. Including unique information is a way to craft compelling short-form content. 

Distinguishing information from market competitors in your short-form content can make it engaging. So, ensure you include information that caters to the needs of your target audience. 

5. Use Appropriate Call-to-Action

A call-to-action is a word or phrase that prompts the audience to perform a task. Using appropriate call-to-action can help you achieve your content marketing goals. For instance, if you wish to increase your sales conversion rate with your content, you may use call-to-actions like ‘avail our services’. 

Your short-form content can thus help you achieve your goals with the use of an appropriate call-to-action. Further, the audience can seamlessly understand where to navigate after viewing your micro content. 

6. Know Your Audience and Market Trends

Knowing the tastes and preferences of your target audience is crucial in creating short-form content. It can help you include relevant facts and figures while curating content and easily appeal to your target audience. 

In addition, knowing the market trends can help you determine the topic of your short-form content. Curating content about emerging topics is advisable to attract your target audience’s attention. 

7. Include Emotional Approach

Curating content that caters to the emotional needs of your target audience is a way to increase audience engagement. As short-form contents require less reading time, including appropriate sensory words can help you connect with the audience’s emotions. 

An emotional appeal further increases the audience’s interactions with the brand. It helps develop a trustworthy relationship between brands and their audiences to increase conversion rates. 

8. Choose The Right Platform

Choosing the right platform to post short-form content is essential. You can choose the platform based on the target audience and their needs. For instance, you can post professional content on LinkedIn and informal content on Facebook to reach out to your target audiences.

You can further present content on different platforms with variations, however with the same message and brand voice. This can help you attract your target audiences effectively. To curate accurate and appropriate short-form content for different platforms you can hire a copywriter.

9. Keep Posting Regularly

Short-form content can effectively engage the audiences if you post them regularly. Irregular posting on social media platforms is less likely to help you in reaching out to the target audience. So, it is advisable that you post short-form content at regular intervals. 


To make your micro content compelling you can use visuals like infographics, videos and images. Further, you need to focus on the target audience, choose the appropriate platform and maintain the character length of your content to make it compelling. 


Bertha Bentley