7 Important Questions To Ask While Photographing

7 Important Questions To Ask While Photographing

The moment you raise your digital camera to hit take a shot, what runs through your mind those moments before you click the shutter? Many photographers do not give this a thought, are you like them?

However, you can ask yourself these simple questions to improve your photography. Here’s a few of them

Which story am I trying to tell

: A fundamental question that helps you make a couple of decisions in terms of framing, composition, and exposure. In other words, you are asking yourself why you are taking this shot, and its purpose and aim. :

Focal point

 this is as regards to the obvious focal point you try to know what the viewers of the picture will naturally have their eyes drawn to in the image you are about to take.

Any competing focal point?

 As you have picked out your main focal point, you will have to remove any other conflicting focal point. Run your eyes over the image you want to capture and decide if any focal point there adds to the beauty of the main focal point or removes its beauty.

Which kind of foreground and background

 The background of your shots is a significant place for distractions in digital photography. Check the space behind your subject to know what else is in the image

Am I in the right position

 It’s an error to take shots where your question appears

small in the frame shots are more dynamic when they fill the frame with your subject.

Where does your light come from

Insufficient light leads to a loss of clarity of the image. Your device will adjust by lightning shutter speed and increasing the ISO. Make sure there is enough supply of light

Can I use another perspective?

Try to make your images different and outstanding from what other photographers are doing. Challenge yourself to take creative shots. Make your pictures different from that of others. Make use of an image enhancer for more image beauty.

Danny Legge